astir odysseus.

5 star hotel in kos island

2006 - 2009

working as chief architects at K.Kyriakides

& associates

The hotel ‘Astir Odysseus’ in Kos Island is one of the most important resorts (five star hotel with a capacity of 600 beds) in the island. Because of the shape of the site, the building complex is separated to the internal and the costal section. The former includes a three level Main Building and six, three-storey and two-storey Room Buildings, while the latter consists of bungalow units and a sea-view tavern. Additionally, the complex contains indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, parking areas, waste water treatment installations and other support facilities. The total area of the site covers about 70,000 m2, while the covered area is 14,000 m2.

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