Cyprus Embassy.

new building in Athens

2003 - 2009


photos: D. Kalapodas



The seven-storey building, on Xenophontos street in the centre of Athens, houses the Cyprus Embassy.

The particular shape of the plot and urban planning restrictions, led to a central idea of a simple rectangular monolithic volume for the first three floors and a reduced covered area with the inclusion of an atrium for the four upper floors. The atrium, increases natural lighting in offices, while allowing visual contact with the adjacent listed building of the Council of Europe. A strong vertical element, isolates the new building from the adjacent parking building and defines the main entrance of the Embassy.

The basic materials used on the facades, have elements and references to the history of Cyprus. The Cyprus limestone cladding covers part of the building’s façade, while the rest is covered by titanium-zinc tiles.

working as chief architects at K.Kyriakides & associates

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