pespico offices.

new concept design

architectural competition



The company's guidelines are about transforming the existing three-storey office building into a more friendly workspace, that should encourage collaboration and create a high performance environment. The planning concept suggested an interior rearrangement of the two floors, dividing the area of each floor into two zones: the larger zone, where people work in an open plan layout, individually or in teams, in a higher density, and the cellular zone, that includes, large and smaller meeting rooms located in colorful boxes, for focused teamwork, in direct contact with the open workspace.

The open space is situated next to the facade's openings, providing constantly daylight throughout the workspace. The area is designed with an open ceiling, while lounge areas and small transparent enclosed meeting rooms are distributed through the wide zone. The whole space design emphasizes on colors and on branding visual displays, giving a vibrant look and sense, that promotes the company's identity.

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